How Prevea Health Innovates Access to Care At Every Step of the Patient Journey

Prevea Health, a multi-specialty physician group based in Wisconsin, revamped its patient access journey from beginning to end.

In this case study, we dive into how they leveraged DocASAP to streamline access to care and meet their preventive care goals—even amid the pandemic.

Download this free case study to learn how Prevea Health:

  • Expanded access across leading and innovative digital channels, including health plans. 
  • Created a consistent patient experience with digital reminders, achieving a 20% reduction in no-shows. 
  • Leveraged mass patient notifications to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, closing gaps in care. 


Case Study Excerpt:

The Challenge - Patient Access Gaps
Prevea Health was looking to improve patient access and close gaps in care for their diverse and rural population. However, there were challenges to achieving this. Scheduling appointments was traditionally done solely by phone during office hours. Patients relied heavily on hysicians in traditional ambulatory settings. These adversely impacted patient experience and operational costs. Navigating patients to the right provider within their 350 multi-specialty group needed to be easier...

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