How to Get CX Right and Drive Global Revenue Through Localized Content at Scale: Lessons Learned From Ooni Pizza Ovens

If you work for a global brand—or one that's planning to expand abroad—you know you need to market to audiences that speak different languages. Because without on-brand, high-quality content tailored to each market, you can't create a customer experience that persuades and converts.

But how can you successfully localize all that content for all those markets?

We can all learn from the successful experience of Ooni Pizza Ovens, a fast-growing company that increased annual revenue from $13 million to $63 million in two years. Getting its message across to global markets through localized content is a key part of its customer experience strategy.

Discover how the brand has handled the challenge of localizing large volumes of content at the right quality and speed as the business has exploded internationally.

You'll learn:

  • How localized content helped increase Ooni's conversions 400% in new core markets
  • Its data-driven approach to prioritizing content in the funnel for translation
  • Its language strategy as it scaled globally
  • Innovative approaches to automation and AI to move faster while maintaining quality

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