Webinar On Demand: Improving Business Services with Customer Insights in the Age of Data Privacy

CX & Marketing leaders are tasked with creating innovative strategies and techniques to better accommodate personalized customer needs while balancing the need for data privacy and protection. Customers today are increasingly reluctant when asked to share information with a business, concerned that the information could be misused or leaked. Collecting and applying data transparently, and empowering customers by helping them understand the value of their data, why it is collected, and how it will be used, is an effective strategy to overcome this challenge and requires a thoughtful and particular approach.

Join Argyle, in partnership with Vision Critical, for our 2019 CX/CMO Virtual Event: Improving Business Services with Customer Insights in the Age of Data Privacy as we discussed lessons learned from outdated data-driven practices, and learn about best practices, new methods, and strategies to effectively leverage consumer data while avoiding the “creepy factor”.

Discussion topics include:

  • Uncovering misconceptions and fear of misused or leaked personal data
  • How to create trustworthy relationships with customers in the age of data privacy
  • Discuss lessons learned from past customer data collection failures & challenges
  • Learn about moving from traditional to modern data collection methods to increase engagement
  • How to use tools & strategies necessary to collect and apply agile, actionable, earned consent data from customers

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