Legal Tech Operations of the Future – Are You Ready for Law 3.0?

Date: Thursday, April 11, 2019

Time: 2:00pm ET/11:00am PT

As the push towards efficiency drives a global evolution in the legal landscape, legal technology expert, Brett Bureny, delivers timely insights how to utilize technology to thrive in the future.

Savvy law leaders should join this webcast to explore how inefficient and antiquated business operations are hindering success, areas to consolidate and streamline operations, and how emerging technologies can help achieve these operational efficiencies to add value to the bottom line.

Corporate Leaders: receive a blueprint outlining how to use technology to transform your legal department into an efficient business function of the company.

Law Firm Leaders: learn how these changes impact your clients, how to best position your firm to add value for your clients, and why your workload may increase because of it.

This webcast will touch on:

  • How efficient business operations of the future rely on legal departments to take the charge.
  • Improving business productivity by rethinking current technology configurations.
  • Why AI doesn’t replace lawyers, but drives their efficiency.

Featured Speaker: Brett Bureny - Principal of Burney Consultants LLC

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