Master Defense in Depth: Supercharging the Security of Your Microsoft Email Environment

Simply put, hackers flock towards Microsoft 365.

Over a million businesses worldwide use Microsoft 365 - that represents a big juicy audience for hackers, bad actors and others. And attacks are only getting more advanced but having a defense in depth is still in reach. More and more enterprises are adopting behavioral tools to supercharge their Microsoft email security.

We're bringing a group of experts to talk about the benefits of joining forces between machine learning and threat intel to bring you closer to becoming a master of defense in depth! Hear from Matthew Pascucci, Director of Security Operations at Evercore on how he's built high impact defense in depth augmenting Microsoft with behavioral technologies. Angela Marafino, Manager of Security, Compliance, Identity, & Management at Microsoft will share how to get the most protection out of Microsoft.

Also, for a limited time get a free copy of the Gartner Market Guide for Email Security 2021, where Tessian was named a Representative Vendor, when you sign up to this webinar!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How threat attackers are actively deploying new BEC, ransomware, and ATO attacks to target enterprise companies
  • How to own the best practices of multi-layered security to fulfil the security requirements of cloud API architecture
  • How to join cybersecurity trailblazers by implementing a blended threat intel and behavioral approach to secure defense in depth

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