Modernizing contact center agent performance measurement with the customer in mind

Why do we measure call center agent performance? To check off boxes or improve rep QA scores? If the metrics aren't linked to actual quality, your business might be encountering serious but unknown customer experience limitations.

The Agent Impact Score (AIS) is a simple, yet powerful tool built to help organizations start measuring how agent performance affects customer-perceived effort.

Download this guide to learn:

  • The limitations of traditional QA and why we created the Agent Impact Score as a rep-level assessment that is highly correlated to business outcomes
  • What happens when you put AIS into action with case studies of real companies examining good and bad drivers of AIS
  • How to tailor agent coaching and improve agent onboarding using the Agent Impact Score
  • Why customers deserve a spot on your QA scorecard and how that requires modernization of the entire QA process

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