Navigating Manufacturing Megatrends With IoT and AI

The pandemic’s impact on global supply chains accelerated the need for manufacturers to reshore their efforts as they worked to reduce international dependency and diversify their supplier base.

To achieve this, many manufacturers began investing in factory digitalization, automation and IoT deployments, innovating their processes and using technologies to improve efficiency, resilience and supply chain visibility. Today they find themselves operating at the edge of their capacities, balancing multiple opposing forces, including heightened stakeholder demand and the need to increase the pace of innovation.

Digital connectivity, IoT and AI-as-a-Service automation technologies are key enablers offering manufacturers the tools they need to not only meet these challenges head-on but also capitalize on the opportunities they present. Together, IoT and AI technologies can help manufacturers optimize plant utilization, mitigate unplanned downtime, reduce wasted resources and time, and improve their environmental impact.

In this report, we look at how implementation of AI across an automotive factory floor helped increase productivity while providing a six-figure monthly cost-saving due to reductions in scrap and energy consumption.

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