Optimizing Peak Season Distribution in a Volatile Marketplace

Peak season is the ultimate test for retailers and the systems they rely on to meet demand. Last year, many retailers had excess inventory; this year, big-box retailers expect a mild peak season with full-year sales projected to decline. For many omnichannel retailers, performing through peak depends not just on fast, efficient and accurate distribution operations, but also on anticipating where demand will be realized. 

How can omnichannel fulfillment be more flexible, cost-effective and agile — even as demand forecasting becomes more difficult? Watch the webinar to learn what retailers are doing to compete in the face of the rising costs of omnichannel fulfillment and shipping. Better prepare for peak season surges by learning about:

  • Top retailer challenges amid increasingly unpredictable omnichannel demand.
  • The distribution approaches that make scaling up for peak particularly difficult.
  • How robotics can lower costs, lessen risk and increase peak season speed and accuracy.

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