Practical Considerations for AI-Powered Video Analytics

The Artificial Intelligence Era has brought promises of revolution to every industry, but rarely has it delivered so immediately and effectively as in video analytics

This new report, created by Untether AI, examine the challenges, solutions, and benefits of deploying AI for video analytics in production.

In this report, you’ll gain insight on:

1. The Accuracy and Cost Trade Off

 Before exploring how to deploy artificial intelligence solutions, it must first be determined that they are needed. There are many options when it comes to turning a camera feed into intelligence

2. Hardware Architecture

The solution requirements will prescribe a hardware architecture, which will be constrained by the physical environment it exists in. There are many different possible hardware architectures, each tuned to different types of solution requirements

3. Solution Architecture

With a rough idea of which AI analytic function is desired, and which hardware architecture is best suited for the task, we will explore the many ways to bring the solution to life.

4. Use Cases

We will explore how a fictional chain of grocery stores might deploy AI-powered video analytics to increase their topline by offering more services, and improve bottom line by optimizing some common operational tasks.

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