Project RPO: Solve Short-Term Hiring Challenges While Creating Long-Term Value

The competition for great talent is intensifying the pressure on Talent Acquisition (TA) teams – many of which are already trying to keep up with reduced resources after a tumultuous 2020.  As organizations rebuild, rebound and expand they must scale their workforce fast to capitalize on new opportunities – but, many don’t have the capacity or capability to keep up.
There’s a misperception that RPO is only for long-term, complex talent challenges.  So, we partnered with Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research, to explore when and why hundreds of HR and talent leaders lean into recruitment outsourcing on a project basis to fill their TA capability and capacity gaps – and, the long-term value Project RPO drives for their in-house teams.
If you're wondering how Project RPO could lend a helping hand to your TA team, read the digital paper to understand:

  • How is the current state of talent acquisition impacting how we recruit?
  • How is Project RPO different from a traditional RPO engagement?
  • What are the key business drivers and investment criteria?
  • What additional outcomes and business impact can your in-house team realize?

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