Remote Monitoring of Distribution Transformers and Breakers

Market factors such as supply constraints, loss of workforce and aging infrastructure are causing utilities to rethink how they manage distribution assets. This is particularly important because power disruptions are trending upwards and causing customers to lose billions in economic activity annually. Utilities are embracing data analytics and intelligent control systems to improve reliability, reduce costs and inform decision-making. Distribution transformers and substation circuit breakers are crucial components of this strategy, and remote monitoring of these assets will likely become standard practice. 

This playbook explores the benefits of plug-and-play monitoring devices that utilities can use to enable digital asset management strategies:

  • Fully assess circuit breaker health 
  • Detect emissions leaks 
  • Monitor transformer performance 
  • Optimize loads and adjust feeder voltages
  • Assist in mandatory compliance reporting
  • Perform condition-based maintenance planning

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