Security Leadership Study – Trends in Application Security

Application Security Focus Areas

The research conducted for this report answered questions related to these three core topics:

  • Crowdsourced Cybersecurity Trends and Traditional Comparatives
  • How much momentum does crowdsourced cybersecurity have?
  • Does it help organizations drive benefits?
  • What is the interplay between next-generation penetration testing inclusive of crowdsourced cybersecurity and traditional penetration testing?
  • DevOps Momentum and DevSecOps Realities and Resonance
  • How much momentum does DevSecOps have?
  • How do different personas view DevSecOps?
  • Where and Why Cybersecurity Challenges Are Most Acute
  • How does application profile and cybersecurity coverage differ by company size?
  • How do application cybersecurity challenges vary by company size?

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