Selling Direct: Should Manufacturers Sell To End-User Segments That Distributors Do Not?

The answer to selling direct without jeopardizing growth among your existing distributors is understanding what the end-user wants and developing an evolutionary strategy that diversifies revenue streams.

Are you ready for the next wave of disruption?

Join this session to see how manufacturers are diversifying their revenue streams to leverage disruption for growth.

  • Gain insight on creating a successful direct sales strategy
  • Lead your leadership team through the process of developing a direct sale strategy.
  • Discover why end users are seeking to purchase directly from manufacturers.
  • How to implement an evolutionary (crawl/walk/run) plan to scale direct sales.
  • How to achieve leadership alignment on strategies for investment, resources and capability development.

Direct Selling Survey Results

Manufacturing executives from across different verticals told us about selling direct, where they're at in the process and what's driving their decision-making. You'll learn about changes that have recently impacted these industry verticals and gain insight into what your competitors are focused on going into 2022. 

Presented by:

James Dorn is a proven leader with more than 20 years of experience providing transformational growth strategies to global manufacturers.

J Schneider has 25 years of conducting business in the EU, South America, EMEA and Asia for global manufacturers, aerospace systems and high-tech solutions.

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