Serving the Customer in a Post-Covid World

Covid-19 and disruptions to commerce that come in its wake continue to cast shadows over the global economy. Business risks have heightened for enterprises, especially for those in the insurance industry. Remote work and other changes to how insurers must operate are likely to persist, as are customer and agent expectations produced by the new digital norms. 

Meanwhile, insurers also face the prospect of mounting claims, increased litigation and reduced premiums due to business closures – all of which could have a significant impact on the industry’s landscape. The onus is on insurers to prepare now for these possibilities by closing the gaps in their digital operations. A new picture is emerging for the industry where the digital insurance initiatives already in place are accelerating and new efforts – many of them aimed at driving greater levels of customer satisfaction – are gaining traction. 

This eBook aims to shed light on those plans and how they are likely to play out in a post-Covid world. Download it now for ideas  to remain competitive, streamline processes and reduce costs. Topics discussed include:

  • Understanding decision automation technology
  • How to cut costs and streamline business operations
  • Strategies to remain competitive and succeed in a post-Covid world
  • The importance of personalizing the customer experience
  • Methods to create deeper customer loyalty

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