Social Media Dangers: What Every Social Butterfly Should Know

"Once information is posted to a social networking site, it is no longer private. The more information you post, the more vulnerable you become.” – FBI 

Social media is a great way for businesses to reach new customers and efficiently zone in on their target audience. However, social hackers leveraging social media channels are increasingly gaining access to sensitive data. There are many recent compliance mandates and laws that have been put in place to create guidelines for how data is shared and used in social media, but it takes time to implement these controls and they do not protect you from everything. Businesses and individuals can continue to leverage social media, but both should make sure they are following best practices. 

Download this guide to gain a better understanding of the risks and best practices to follow when it comes to social media and your CU; including: 

  • Common social media scams
  • 6 tactics social engineers use to gain access to sensitive information and destroy reputations 
  • 5 keys to safer socializing 
  • 3 tips for educating your employees
  • Social media best practices including proper password protocol

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