Solve hybrid work compliance challenges with Theta Lake and RingCentral

The trend of working from anywhere (WFA) is here to stay. Results from the ZK Research 2022 Work-from-Anywhere Study show that 51% of employees will work from home two to four days per week, and another 14% will do so one day per week. This means almost all meetings will contain at least one virtual participant.

Collaboration tools such as RingCentral’s Message, Video, Phone (MVP) platform play a key role in energising the workforce. Its rich unified communications capabilities enable employees to maintain digital proximity regardless of their location. However, the reliance on digital collaboration tools creates some new challenges for organisations that operate in highly regulated industries – particularly in the areas of compliance and security – as employees are using these collaboration tools to share and discuss sensitive information.

Typically, businesses would select separate applications for compliance and for collaboration, leaving many “blind spots”: information would need to be correlated manually, or employees may opt for non-compliant applications, such as social media tools, to communicate.

Fortunately, RingCentral and Theta Lake have teamed up to address these issues, and Theta Lake’s approach to hybrid work compliance enables firms to be successful and enable digital transformation.

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