Solving 5 Common Visibility Problems with Telematics

In the wake of pandemic supply-chain disruptions, in-transit cargo updates are no longer just nice to have—they’re a necessity. That’s just one reason many different industries—from shipping to construction—are putting telematics systems in place. Telematics provides greater operational visibility. It collects, processes and transmits data about the use and status of key equipment and assets. This is possible through sensors, tags, cameras and other hardware using GPS and cellular capabilities.

Once considered cost prohibitive, the technology is now more affordable for small- and mid-sized businesses. In this webinar, we discuss how the visibility offered by comprehensive telematics systems provides construction project managers, fleet managers and other project leaders with:

  • Live in-transit cargo updates—a must for post-pandemic supply chain
  • Location tracking for tools, pallets and other equipment
  • Data and real-time monitoring of vehicles and heavy equipment.

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