The 15 Most Frequently Asked HSA Questions

As more of your clients look to cut health care costs, HSAs paired with a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) continue to become more popular. HSAs come with a great deal of tax benefits and are quite versatile. However, many clients – and their employees – have questions about HSAs and may not understand all they can do. 

Download this cheat sheet now for the answers to 15 common questions about HSAs, as well as links to additional resources. The questions include:

  • How does someone qualify for an HSA?
  • What are the limitations of an HSA?
  • What records do employees need to keep to justify expenses?
  • What happens to an HSA when an employee dies?
  • And more… 

Give this cheat sheet to clients so they can use it as a tool as well, providing answers quickly and succinctly when needed by employees.

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