5 MUST HAVEs for Effective Marketing Personalization in Financial Services for 2022

Personalization is the golden key to driving engagement, but no more so then in the Financial Services industry.

Consumers in the modern marketplace are becoming more aware then ever before of marketing tactics that companies are implementing in order to get in front of them.

They are also picking up on the mistakes that are made by marketers as well. It’s all too easy to spot poorly made automated marketing emails, consisting of personalization tokens filled with inaccurate, outdated prospect data.

It's a new year, and that means it's time for a refresh in the way we approach personalization in our marketing outreach! 

Join SalesIntel & PFL on Thursday, January 20th, for a special 30-minute webinar as they discuss:

  • 5 proven tactics & technologies for effective campaign personalization
  • Strategies for identifying the most active channels of your target personas & prospects 
  • The importance of creating authentic, personalized prospect experiences

We hope you will join us for this knowledge filled session!

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