The B2B Buyer Has Changed. Your Marketing Should, Too

​B2B buyers have changed, but despite those changes, events—of all formats—that meet people at different stages of the buyer’s journey are a strong way to qualify leads, accentuate the pipeline and close deals. 
Marketers can use event tech to help orchestrate those efforts, but just as the B2B buyer has changed, the way marketers connect with them must change too. 

To effectively connect with today’s B2B buyer, marketers must be aware of the buyer’s evolving preferences, know what resources to offer and when, and understand how best to engage with them.
In this webinar, our expert will discuss:

  • Today’s B2B buyer and how are they different from those in the past
  • How to use events to accelerate your sales funnel
  • How event technology can help you keep up with changing demands (increased engagement, execute a variety of event formats, etc.)

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