The CFO Advantage: Delivering Actionable Insights Using Real-Time Data

To unlock the true potential of the figures that CFOs and their finance departments pull from multiple sources, the data must be timely, clean, and actionable. Yet, only 44% of organizations said they had enough data to make decisions, and only 29% of executives said they achieved transformational business outcomes through their data.​

How can CFOs help their teams harness their data, analyze it quickly, and deliver actionable insights? Investing in the next generation of BI technology is a strategic move CFOs can make to maintain their edge over the competition and add value to their teams. Register for this webinar to learn more, including:

  • The importance of unifying the “right” data
  • Finding agile technology that fits your specific analytical needs
  • How automation drives momentum and reduces risk
  • The CFOs role in influencing data investment discussions

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