The Impact of AI Workloads on Modern Data Center Networks

Rapidly increasing AI workloads, together with edge computing and cloud-based 5G networks, are putting extreme demands on modern data center networks. In particular, AI workloads are driving an unprecedented need for low latency, high bandwidth connectivity between servers, storage, and the GPUs essential for AI training and inferencing.   

Join data center networking experts Sameh Boujelbene, vice president for Dell'Oro Group, and Aniket Khosla, vice president of Product Management for Spirent's Cloud & IP business, as they examine the impact of AI workloads, explain why adoption of high-speed Ethernet in data centers is surging, and discuss how to ensure HSE infrastructure will meet new demands.  

This webinar will cover the following topics: 

  • AI workload requirements and the impact on data center networking latency and bandwidth 
  • Challenges for supporting new requirements from AI workloads 
  • Role of high-speed Ethernet technologies in addressing new needs and challenges 
  • An update on 800G/1.6T adoption 
  • Testing strategies for validating high-speed Ethernet and related benefits.

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