The Marketer’s Guide to Composable Content

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Your team comes up with a great new campaign — or an innovative twist on an existing one — and you’re ready to rock. You can’t wait to set it live and see how it performs. But the time it takes to get that campaign in market is excruciating. Handoffs between design, marketing, and dev teams seem never-ending. Straightforward projects take weeks, if not months, to execute. And that’s just to update web content, nevermind email promotions, social media posts, paid ads, or mobile apps.

It’s almost enough to make you long for the good old days of print media and camera-ready art, when no one expected immediate gratification. We may live in an age of omnichannel, pervasive media, but we didn’t get here in one go.

Our tools and systems are a testament to how all these channels have emerged and evolved over time. They’re disjointed, fragmented, error-prone, and slow. They’re so painful to use that we’ve developed a collective denial about just how limiting these tools really are. If creating content from scratch isn’t hard enough, reusing it — easily and quickly — is a manual (and tedious) copy-paste exercise.

The question now is: how can businesses step firmly and confidently into the omnichannel era, once and for all? How can we overcome operational dysfunction and side step disjointed, haphazard systems in order to produce dynamic, consistent, reusable content? How can we make omnichannel marketing more creative, more efficient, and... well...less painful?

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