The Mighty Hearing Benefit

In recent years, the hearing benefit has gained a great deal of traction in the Medicare Advantage marketplace. However, not all hearing benefits are created equal, and plan administrators need to answer these crucial questions: Does the hearing benefit deliver on our members’ expectations? Will it support our organization’s core objectives?

As a white paper developed by Amplifon Hearing Health Care explains, the right hearing benefit can be a mighty force for good — contributing to improved member health, lower per-member-per-month (PMPM) costs and a healthy return on investment for the Medicare Advantage plan. Specific areas of discussion include:

  • Why hearing health is so interconnected with overall health, including hearing loss comorbidities that have a life-altering impact on member health and well-being
  • How the right hearing benefit holds the potential to reduce health risks and decrease payouts for medical care
  • What criteria to use in selecting a hearing benefit and hearing health care partner, satisfying the needs of the members and goals of the Medicare Advantage plan

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