The Role of Supplemental Benefits in the Future of Health

The pandemic changed the way we think about the necessities of health and the challenges many populations face when it comes to accessing them. As we look to the future, the lessons learned during this period will continue to inform the way payers and employers approach benefits planning. In this way, supplemental benefits represent an area of great potential. An opportunity to make care supplies and preventative health essentials more readily available to those who need them.

In this ebook, leading benefits experts break down how they pivoted to better serve their consumers during the early days of the pandemic, as well as their plans to sharpen existing programs and expand into new territories. They discuss the unique nature of supplemental benefits and what their focus on prevention means for long-term health of consumers and employees.

See how supplemental benefits can:
* Offset $442 in annual over-the-counter care costs per household

* Support health in vulnerable populations

* Reduce health risks ranging from mental to economic

* Help payers and employers empower the people they serve to be proactive about their health

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