The Ultimate Guide for Reducing Plastic Waste in your Business

Environmentalism, a marginal political issue approximately twenty years ago has now become a mainstream social and political concern. In recent times, this has been driven by the increasing knowledge of global warming and its effect on our planet.

More recently, however, the increase in marine pollution highlighted so extraordinarily in the Blue Planet series by the BBC and spearheaded by Sir David Attenborough has led to a significant shift in public opinion in opposition to the throw-away culture that we find ourselves in. The increasing focus on pollution prevention and the impact of plastic waste in our environment is driving individuals, enterprise and governments to identify solutions to curb the effects that our waste is having on the natural world.

It is a common misconception that ‘being green’ can cost the earth. Actually, particularly in the realm of waste management, becoming more resource efficient through waste minimisation or improving the recyclability of a product will bring significant financial benefits.

Businesses must now look to the opportunities presented by emerging plastic policies. Download our Ultimate Plastic Waste Guide today, which provides details, insights and examples of how you can reduce your plastic waste, giving you a competitive advantage and helping to improve your waste management practices.

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