Ultimate Legal GDPR Compliance Guide and Checklist for US Companies

It’s not just European companies that have to navigate the complexities of data privacy compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. Any company that handles consumer data in regulated ways and wants to do business in the EU needs to take compliance seriously. 

GDPR compliance is also valuable for doing business in the United States. Being compliant puts US companies ahead of the game in ensuring state-by-state compliance at home. By adopting best practices, there’s less work and disruption needed in the future as more regulations are passed.

Download this guide to gain a deeper understanding of:

  • GDPR requirements, definitions and how they affect US companies
  • Ensuring consent is GDPR compliant
  • User privacy rights
  • Protection and regulation of children’s data
  • The GDPR compliance checklist
  • The UK’s regulation

Only once your company has undertaken a data audit, then you will know exactly how GDPR requirements apply to your organization and customers. Get the ultimate guide today!

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