Unlock Energy Capital from your Production Lines: Machine to Global

Utilizing IoT data allows companies to visualize energy flows and consumption values in detail, assign them to the relevant consumers or cost centers, and identify why changes have occurred.

IoT and Analytics enable companies to evaluate implemented efficiency measures, optimize energy procurement, and compare energy efficiency across plants and locations – in a scalable, transparent, and future-proof way. Transparency in usage, costs, and efficiency will results in savings and resiliency.

During this expert-led webinar, key topics include:

  • Flexible KPI definition and personal dashboards providing a holistic view of energy consumption. Derive energy efficiency measures
  • Transparent energy costs, consumption and CO2 emissions from machine level to global sites
  • Optimize energy efficiency with precise decision-making based on contextual data


Troy Wilson, Marketing Manager at Siemens

Sesh Marellapudi, Head of Pre-Sales at Siemens MindSphere

Christopher Woller, Development Director at Siemens MindSphere

PDH Certificates will be provided to all registrants who attend the full live webinar. Certificates will be sent by email within 48 hours after completion.

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