2015 Hiring Trends: An Infographic Snapshot

Key trends involving mobile technology, social media, and career sites are greatly influencing the way companies look for candidates—and the way candidates view their prospective employers. This infographic compilation puts all the critical facts in one place, so you can easily see:
  • What kind of experience candidates crave today—and how to provide it
  • How companies should tailor interviews to keep candidates interested
  • Why hiring and job seeking are both on the rise
  • Which incentives and tactics help companies lure candidates from competitors
  • Social and mobile must-haves for every recruiting strategy
  • How to distinguish desirable high-mobility applicants from low-mobility counterparts
  • What not to post on social media if you're looking to stand out in a competitive talent landscape
Understanding these facts and figures can help put you on the right path to finding the right employee—or landing the right job.

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