Optimized Global Production for Manufacturers

A&D manufacturers and their suppliers now depend more than ever on global supply chains. As they reach across time zones, languages and cultures, supply chains have to work around challenges that build up costs and drag down production schedules. Communication between distributed engineering and production centers can be labored and error-prone. These problems are often compounded by repetitive programming, incomplete simulations, time-intensive production methods, and concern that the shop floor may not be working with current data. Ideally, global companies should be able to design products at any location and produce them at selected sites, with all stakeholders from design to the shop floor working concurrently from a single unique global data source.

Understand how manufacturing companies can deliver machined parts faster and increase revenue by reducing costs – despite operating globally across time zones and cultures.

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Optimizing Quality – Enhance Your Lean Manufacturing Journey

This eBook compiles multiple perspectives from Lean manufacturing experts, including:

  • It’s time for a Lean manufacturing makeover
  • Taking Lean to the supply chain
  • Taking a Lean approach to quality
  • Three ways to improve quality with Lean manufacturing
  • A Lean approach to management
  • Lean management: continuous improvement
  • Gold lessons from Lean, Six Sigma and Toc
  • Lean manufacturing and the World of Warcraft

Just as the world of Lean has a goal of continuous improvement – so too is the learning of how to continue on your Lean journey.

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