2022 Guide to Visitor Management for Manufacturers: How Self-Service Kiosks and Cloud-Based Platforms Can Transform Your Manufacturing Organization

Manufacturing is changing. 

Pandemic-fueled digital transformation, a newfound need for operational agility, and the shift towards a digital-first approach have catalyzed the industry into rapidly adopting new technologies. 

In its 2021 State of Manufacturing report, Dimensional Research surveyed hundreds of manufacturing leaders on their post-COVID strategy. 

91% of executives reported an increased level of digital transformation (DX) investment, with 77% stating their investment as being “significant or dramatic.” 

95% place DX as critical to their organization’s future success.

Technologies such as AI, ML, digital twins, advanced analytics, cloud, IoT, AR, self-service, and contactless have evolved from “nice to haves” to business-critical solutions.  

Covered In This Guide: 

  • How manufacturing has been impacted by the pandemic
  • Post-COVID digital transformation  
  • How manufacturers are dealing with the workforce shortage
  • Why visitor management can make manufacturers’ operations more efficient 
  • How, and why, manufacturers should be leveraging self-service and cloud-based solutions

Who Are We?

Founded in 1998, friendlyway has been developing innovative digital hardware and software solutions for over 20 years. 

We’ve worked with companies such as Boeing, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Microsoft, Siemens, HP, and other industry-leading brands. 

We specialize in digital signage hardware and cloud-based software aimed at transforming the way organizations manage and interact with guests, visitors, employees, temporary workers, and customers. 

Engineered in Germany, our line of contactless self-service kiosks and hardware features an elegant, modern (and fully customizable) design perfect for any environment - from manufacturing facilities and corporate lobbies to luxury hotels and retail stores.   

The .NEXT cloud platform is a game-changing visitor management platform that when integrated with self-service kiosks, becomes one of the most comprehensive and robust end-to-end VM solutions on the market.

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