2022 Trend Watch: Realizing the Full Potential of SASE and Zero Trust

The events of 2021 have created a paradigm shift in cybersecurity. The steady cadence of large-scale cyber attacks have accelerated a move away from perimeter-focused security to Zero Trust. While core foundations of Zero Trust have been implemented, many tech leaders are still missing a critical piece of the puzzle for safeguarding their data

So, what’s on the horizon for cybersecurity in 2022, and how can leaders take advantage of the full potential of Zero Trust and SASE?

There are several facets of security that we expect to gain speed, power, and momentum in the coming year, including open-source solutions that connect identity to data, making itself-protecting. Join Virtru and C2 Cyber for an in-depth discussion of trends that security leaders should be watching now and into 2022. Listen in to hear the latest insights on:

  • Key considerations for maximizing your technology investments in 2022
  • What a strong Zero Trust architecture looks like in practice
  • The newest aspects of Zero Trust maturity models
  • How to leverage encryption to make your data self-protecting wherever it travels
  • The missing pieces necessary to fulfil the promise of SASE for data protection

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