Infographic: Understanding the Top 72 Metrics for SEO Best Practices in 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms are ever changing, and if you rely on organic web traffic from Google and other relevant search engines to convert new visitors, customers or subscribers, chances are, recent changes have probably impacted your business in both positive and negative ways.

In the ever-changing world of SEO, it is unlikely that you are able to consistently zero-in on all of the algorithms and factors that are responsible for improving your SERPs. At the same time, with the right list of best practices and SEO tips – all new and verifiable for 2018 – you can now  stay on top of the SEO game, and rank for targeted, relevant keywords within your industry.

The infographic below, compliments of, discusses several things that will help your company in its quest to stay on top of algorithm changes, backlink rule updates, and ultimately, your organic search engine rankings. Check this out to learn more about:

  • The latest webmaster updates and Google algorithms in 2018.
  • The current market shares enjoyed by the most popular search engines.
  • SEO for desktop versus mobile platforms, the different approaches to take.
  • Trends including: consumer research, eCommerce conversions and detailed search queries.
  • The SEO strategies necessary to rank in Google with a realistic results timeframe.
  • Ranking Algorithms: Panda, Penguin, Links… What are they, what’s the difference?
  • What are organic SEO ads, and what does the near future of SEO actually entail?
  • Check out this free infographic for more >>

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