A Happy Team Creates Happy Customers: A Success Guide for the New Era

Post-pandemic, 86% of consumers expect companies to be even MORE responsive than they were pre-pandemic. That's a high bar to clear.

And it's even more challenging given the work from home imperative that has changed everything about the day-to-day of your frontline organization.

Many are embracing the perks of remote working, yet from needing time to oversee third-grade lessons to the potential pause on training, there are challenges for even the very best customer service agent.

But as we settle in for a possibly long haul, new technology, procedures, and best practices are emerging that make remote customer service work better, easier and more satisfying.

And guess what happier agents creates? Happier customers.

Customer experience and customer service expert and best-selling author Jay Baer partnered with Calabrio for a special session. He showcases actionable use cases on how to boost agent satisfaction in a work from home world, and how to reap the corresponding customer experience rewards.

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