Advanced Readership Data and Insights that will Supercharge your Earned Media Efforts

Comms’ search to prove its impact on the bottom line is never-ending. Within the pages of this eBook – Earned media’s value: The true story, presented by Memo – one of the most powerful forces to help in that pursuit is revealed. And it’s one already proving to be a game-changer for savvy brands. Yours could be one of them.

PR pros devote a great deal of effort to earned media. And they should because of its influential power and potential reach. Unfortunately, tactical gaps have kept it from reaching its full potential – and that includes comms’ continued goal to prove its bottom-line impact to the C-suite.

One common misstep: Measuring earned media based on potential reach. Using such efforts, you lose the unique value and insights each piece of earned media delivers. That’s about to change.

Memo has created a proprietary process that harnesses readership data from the publications your brand cares most about. In addition, it has unveiled one of the most advanced formulas yet to place a dollar value on your earned media – one that will make an impression on both comms pros and C-suite executives alike.

This eBook, though, is a worthwhile read for even more reasons.

Memo, in partnership with PRWeek, convened three roundtables from late 2021 through early spring 2022. In all, 17 top brand executives got together to discuss earned media strategies. We recap those conversations within. In doing so, we provide the vast education and inspiration such thought leaders can provide through the examples and perspective they shared.

In addition, those pages include some eye-opening statistics that will truly make you understand the untapped power of earned media.

Put it all together and this guide could very well be the impetus to take your overall comms efforts – and value – to unprecedented heights. What more could you ask for?

We hope you enjoy this eBook.

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