Advertisers $9M < $200M Can Trade Trendy Technology for More Profitable, Short-term Sales Lead Generation

Advertisers / sales personnel in professional services, wholesale distribution and retail financial / investments and certain retail businesses are overboard on data analytics and computerization.

This classified executive briefing is available by popular demand and useful for a:

  • ops manager
  • sales / marketing senior management
  • small business already spending five or six figures on marketing automation, CRMs, mailers, click-ads dissatisfied with response rates / new sales.

Decision-makers today are flooded with cheap, shoddy information due to low entry barriers on the web.

A good number of such prefer utilitarian, applicable knowledge and unseen-before case studies.



Corey Weiner has worked on lead generation / b2b direct response for big-name advertisers including Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth-Aerst, Novartis, NY Life Advanced Markets, AXA Equitable, John Hancock USA / Manulife and AIG American General.

And four-plus years doing consumer behavior research at the renowned Nielsen Company qualifies Corey to refine / reposition multimedia for advertisers less interested in brand / top-of-mind awareness and more so in short-term sales lead generation (new business activity).


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