AI for Banking Industry – Intelligent Document Processing

AI can be used to transform the banking industry. AI algorithms can extract important information, full names, phone numbers, names, customer sentiment, and many more key insights that are of value to the business from the documentation.

This new report, created by Kili Technology, explores how companies have found new ways to improve their document management as well as make use of these documents more efficiently.

In this 33 page report, you’ll gain insight on:

1. What are the major current issues?

Which issues play a part in the time spent processing manually the documentation,  unproductive staff, and the increase in costs?

2. How can AI transform Document processing ?

Learn what kind of information can AI algorithms extract, and what value does this add to your business processes?

3. What are the big differences between IDP and OCR, and why do we need IDP?

Identify the big differences between Intelligent Document Processing and Optical Character Recognition, how does IDP improve the overall process of OCR, what does IDP provide, and why do we need it?

4. Successful Business applications of AI-fueled document processing

Discover other successful business applications of IDP in Marketing, Legal, Customer Service and Operations.

5. Challenges of implementing Intelligent Document Processing

Discover the key challenges in Intelligent Document Processing adoption. Why do you need to adopt a Data-Centric Artificial Intelligence mindset?

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