AIOps: Enabling Operational Awareness and the Promise of Autonomous IT Operations

In this webinar, Ron Williams, former head of Situational Awareness Engineering at American Airlines and Principal Analyst at Gigaom brings together experts in AIOps, about how AIOps enables better, more advanced operational practices that allow teams to manage their IT infrastructure and services proactively, on-premises and in the cloud.

If adding more people is not the answer, how can organizations respond? New tools and capabilities such as AIOps – AI and automation specifically built for IT operations – are part of the solution. However, organizations that think they can adopt AIOps tools and immediately solve their issues will find themselves facing unrealistic expectations, unplanned costs, and a raft of undesirable outcomes.

In this free 1-hour webinar, GigaOm Research Analyst David Linthicum covers:

  • What is the root of the problem organizations are looking to solve?
  • What does the journey to better IT operations look like, as a maturity model?
  • Where do technologies such as AIOps help, and how do roles, responsibilities, and processes evolve along the way?
  • How does IT Ops maturity and use of tools feed into operational awareness to support a business and its customers?

Why Attend

Attendees will walk away with a model to help assess how they can build their capabilities and mature their operational practices.

Organizations today are grappling with an existential challenge: How to deliver and manage IT services that are growing at an unsustainable pace and scale. IT operations (IT Ops) was never straightforward, but now organizations must cope with increasingly complex, multi-cloud architectures and an ever-widening pool of end users. And all this while facing the conflicting demands of a fast-changing environment and the increasing need for security and governance.

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