Beyond Markowitz: Personalizing Your Practice and Client Experience with Structured Investments

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Finding yield at a time of historically low interest rates is just one of the many challenges facing investors today. The Federal Reserve’s policy of quantitative easing has led to distortions in risk premiums and uncertainty in some corporate bond sectors. To face these challenges, advisors can present structured products to clients as an alternative investment.  Structured products may offer enhanced yields, diversification benefits, and access to unique sources of income to help meet investors’ specific risk-return levels and other unique financial objectives.

Join this complimentary webcast to discover the benefits and new ways advisors can use structured (pre-packaged investment) products. You will learn:

  • How structured products work and how they have changed in recent years due to wider use by financial organizations and institutional investors
  • Why structured products’ potential for risk-adjusted returns is higher than some other fixed-income products and how they can be tailored to address specific client aims/concerns
  • How structured products can provide outcome-based solutions in a variety of investment climates that help clients meet long-term objectives


Patrick Fay | COO | Morningstar Indexes

Thomas W. Balcom, CFP, CAIA Founder and Head | 1650 Wealth Management

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