Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations – Book Summary

Greg Williams, an expert on negotiations, shows how to use body language as an arbitration tool. Because 90% of communication is nonverbal, an ability to read and interpret body language offers an advantage. When you detect a conflict between people’s words and movement or actions, trust their body language because, Williams teaches, the body doesn’t lie. He explains “microexpressions” and tells you how to identify psychological blocks, “triggers” and “hot buttons.” His instructions will help any negotiator and have particular relevance for women and others who may have difficulty negotiating salary demands. getAbstract recommends Williams’s insightful lesson in interpreting body language to anyone negotiating anything.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How mastering the art of reading body language can make you a more effective negotiator,
  • How to detect and interpret “microexpressions,”
  • What personality types and operating styles to look for in negotiators, and
  • How various negotiating tactics work.

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