Break Free from the Iron Triangle

The Iron Triangle—or, as it is more commonly known, the project management triangle—has influenced project teams for years. Summed up as “fast, good or cheap … pick two,” the concept asserts that there are firm boundaries on what is possible to produce. The triangle metaphor implies there is no way to provide goods or services that are simultaneously on budget, on time, and of high quality because of the competing nature of these priorities.

It’s time to rethink that notion because now the latest developments in software enable you to do just that. But not in the way you might imagine—with countless software applications required to run different aspects of your project. It’s no longer a game of software juggling. The future beyond the Iron Triangle lies in how products and programs work together, in one place, with constant updates that enable teams instead of disabling your IT department. The future is more promising than ever because it’s about working together—not apart.

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