Building a Sustainable Cloud Strategy in Multi-Cloud Environments

In this one-hour GigaOm webinar we’ll be discussing how to overcome the limits and lock-ins imposed by traditional approaches, and how to lay the next-gen infrastructure for today’s and tomorrow’s applications and data. The webinar is moderated by GigaOm analyst David Linthicum and co-presented with Enrico Signoretti and special guests, SVP of Product at Wasabi Jim Donovan and SVP of Engineering at Packet, Nathan Goulding. 

We will look specifically at cloud strategies and how to execute them successfully. Including:

  • Why a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work anymore
  • Why you want to avoid lock-ins
  • The key features when aiming for a low TCO and faster ROI
  • A comparison of different cloud approaches
  • How to move from on prem, to hybrid, to multi-cloud storage seamlessly
  • The migration process
  • Why Wasabi and Packet are the right partners for your cloud strategy
  • How Wasabi and Packet can improve freedom of choice for your cloud strategy

Why Attend:

Data is now created and consumed from more sources than ever, and with IoT and Edge computing this is even more so. The challenge is no longer how to make cloud computing central to the IT strategy, but is now about avoiding lock-ins, and keeping costs at bay while giving access to an increasing number of applications, devices and users — all dispersed across the globe on different clouds and networks.

As the great migration to cloud is fully underway, organizations are now moving from cloud-first strategies to multi-cloud, and they seek solutions allowing access and the ability to process data quickly at reasonable costs, no matter where data is created or consumed. 


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