Building Blocks for Effective FX Risk Management

As a company’s supply chain and customer footprint grow geographically, exchange rate volatility can create challenges for financial decision makers. And with supply chain issues related to COVID-19, these challenges have become even more complicated.

The basic concept behind FX risk management for transactional exposures is quite simple: Asset-liability management of payables, receivables, and other cash flow related items in non-functional currencies. Unfortunately, many companies do not take a proactive approach to hedging FX risk until after rates move against them, causing a negative impact to their profitability. This playbook will outline the building blocks for effective FX risk management. It will cover:

  • Specific questions to help you decide whether a hedge strategy is right for your company
  • Factors to consider when choosing tactics to mitigate your currency risk
  • How to decide which hedge product and partner to use for managing your company’s FX risk

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