Buyer’s Guide for Payroll & HR Software: How to Build the Right HR Tech Stack for Small Businesses

In many ways, 2020 was the year that the value of cloud computing for workforce management became undeniable. Small and midsize businesses that had already adopted a modern HR tech stack were able to adapt more easily during the pandemic. Many could even keep running their businesses during lockdowns while employees worked from home. Teams collaborated through Zoom and messaging. Business owners learned to recruit, interview, and onboard employees remotely, as well as manage their performance.

Now, with vaccination programs speeding up and hope on the horizon, business owners and executives are looking ahead. But things will not be the same. Work from home will continue at many organizations. Digital transformation will proceed at an accelerated pace. Moving forward, having the right HR and payroll tech stack will be one of the keys to competitiveness. If you’re still managing your employees and compliance on spreadsheets or an outdated, underpowered HR tool, it’s time to re-examine your tech stack to mid-sized businesses.

Content Outline: 

  • Choose Your Delivery Model
  • Define Functional Requirements
  • Research and Evaluate Vendors
  • HR Trends to Watch
  • Build Your HR Tech Stack

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