CloudMoyo Operational Testing System (OTS)

CloudMoyo Operational Testing System (OTS) is a cloud-based product that streamlines the operational and field testing management process for freight railroads. By leveraging data analytics plus AI and ML technologies, OTS helps you create intelligent, configurable master test plans and streamlines the often complicated planning, execution, and reporting of ops testing. At the end of the day, this empowers railroads to ensure compliance with FRA safety rules and regulations, GCOR rules, and other rulebooks.

Railroads can leverage OTS for repeatable, rapid test plan creation, record the results in real-time of drug and alcohol tests, record pass and fail tests, and prescribe follow-ups through a mobile application. Dynamic dashboards offer full visibility into the status of test programs and can generate reports for compliance audits, ensuring that your railroad continues to put safety first. 

Download this 60-second video to find out how CloudMoyo OTS can streamline testing for your railroad!

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