Creating a Culture of Learning for Hiring, Retention, and Growth

According to Gartner,  a learning culture is one that fosters open mindsets,  inspires the independent pursuit of  knowledge,  and appreciates collaborative learning that revolves around the business’s main objectives and vision. Employees are a company’s most critical asset — they create solutions that impact the company’s bottom line.  For example,  consider some of  most innovative companies today,  like Google,  Netflix, and Pixar,  who set standards in an employee-first culture that provides their respective workforces with the time,  resources,  and tools to proactively learn and explore new ideas. Dedicated learning and development programs set the organization up to thrive amidst uncertainty and disruption.  These L&D programs ensure employees are cultivating relevant skills to advance and plan career paths,  adapt alongside emerging technologies,  and work more efficiently. A culture of  learning offers numerous other benefits to both a company and its employees.

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