Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy Checklist

Over the last five years, D&I roles have grown by 71%, a signal that the need for diversity solutions is becoming greater, and more urgent, than ever. In the war for talent of all backgrounds, candidates from underrepresented groups (URGs) have historically been met with promises of inclusion, but little progress has been made to bring these goals to fruition. 

The landscape is changing, however. In the past, companies relied solely on inbound applications from URGs to meet their diversity needs, but the power dynamic has shifted. Now, URGs have “talent power”: the ability to choose where they want to work as companies try to win against stiff competition for diverse talent.

With this power comes options, and URGs want to join companies where brand promises of inclusion match their experience: from application to hire to employment.

Bring this to your team to work on together, or take a first pass on your own. Whether this is your first stab at DE&I, or you're a seasoned professional, your responses can help create and scale your diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy into the future.



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