From DNS to Endpoint Security: The Cloud’s Role in Preventing Cyber Attacks

Today’s IT world is faced with many problems, and the vast majority of them are related to cyber-attacks. The world of technology has come up with cloud security solutions that have offered a platform to curb the internet attacks. Hence, the cloud solutions have features that are meant to secure the internet world to make safe for users, data and infrastructures.

Cloud solutions are the meant to provide the security against threats both on off network and those within the perimeters of the network. The structure of the cloud solution is embedded on the internet infrastructure in a way that they create a global network. This global network allows a wide visibility of all the threats and the solutions are able to analyze global patterns and their relationships. The platforms use an architectural structure to protect against ransomware, phishing and malware form the DNS Layer to the end point. In addition, the platforms as well protect against threats by detecting the attackers fingerprints. These occurs in the event of multiple attacks by the attackers who end up leaving behind their fingerprints. The finger prints are used by the solutions to detect emerging attacks before they launch their damage. Cloud solutions are first enough and they provide the first line of defense against threats on the internet.

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