Doubleheader Webinar Event: Demand Generation

Jumpstart Your Demand Generation Program With Sending and Direct Mail  TIME: 2pm–2:45pm ET

Meira McFarquhar, Content Marketing Manager, Sendoso

Patrick Wolf, Sr. Manager of Demand Generation, Sendoso

What happens when you inject physical impressions to your touchpoints to create top-of-funnel pipeline? This is where you get a lot of engagement that will ultimately lead to closed deals. This session will share Sendoso's secret sauce to an integrated demand generation program.

You'll learn about:

  • Incorporating sending to get even more ROI from your digital demand generation content
  • Integrating sending to produce higher conversion rates
  • Using creative and timely send ideas, such as Cameo

Must Haves for B2B Demand Generation: 5 Keys  TIME: 2:45pm–3:30pm ET

Carlos Hidalgo, Founder and CEO, VisumCx

This session will help you get started building a strong foundation for your demand-generation programs. You'll understand what you need to know to meet today's sophisticated demand gen needs, drive revenue, and reach digital savvy buyers.

You'll learn about:

  • Buyer insights, including personas, buyer journeys, and account profiles
  • A defined lead management process, including scoring, qualification, and lead routing
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Buyer-aligned content and channel strategy
  • A KPI strategy to show contribution to revenue

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