Driving Education Enrollment through Agile Content Management

Your website's goal above all others is to attract students and get them to apply, visit, or request more information. Because most college research now happens on the web, losing ground online means losing prospects and tuition revenue.

To attract prospective students, colleges must create a content ecosystem that encourages dialogue and repeat visits. As students become increasingly cost-conscious and outcomes-oriented in their online college search, more colleges will use original content to demonstrate the value of their education, differentiate themselves from the competition, and retain the attention of savvy and determined searchers.

A good web content management platform should support the creation, publishing, and reuse of your content, and remove technological obstacles between contributors and going live. With insights straight from our many education customers, Percussion has put together a list of how a CMS can alleviate your biggest pain points in creating content that drives enrollment.

The Top 3 Challenges in Creating Great Content:
  • Not Having Enough Data to Demonstrate ROI
  • Not Knowing How to Improve SEO
  • Not Knowing How to Keep Websites From Becoming Outdated
This white paper diagnoses the top problems in more detail and offer some strategic CMS-based solutions and preventative measures to keep your web strategy healthy and effective.

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